Published Books


Finding Annie

Heartbreaking and redemptive, Annie’s story reveals the strength of her spirit, the healing power of unconditional love, and the potential of unexpected relationships to teach us to accept ourselves. Read more about the first installment in the Life Imperfect series.

Willow Wishes

Moving and inspirational, Annie’s struggle to believe in a future filled with promise reveals the fault lines that follow us in the wake of trauma as well as the courage it takes to choose a different path. Read more about the second installment in the life imperfect series.



My debut memoir about the trauma of my childhood and the impact of societal expectations of resilience as I struggled to recover. Read more here.

moments of extraordinary courage

A collection of stories about when Katherine Turner faced some of her deepest fears in moments of extraordinary courage.

The Indie Author

“Honest interviews with self-published authors who forged their own path and share how they did it.” The Indie Author is a collection of interviews of indie authors of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as selected stories about their writing journeys.

*I am interviewed as well as a contributing author in this book

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