Writing Services

As an author, I understand just how much work goes into creating and polishing a manuscript; how valuable the right kind of feedback from the right kinds of people can be in the process of creating a polished final draft, improving your skills as a writer, and ensuring you don’t alienate potential readers. People may believe that writing is really a solo profession where the writer is a one-person-show, and that idea may be appealing to some writers, but the reality is that most manuscripts can benefit from an outside perspective.

When we’re working on our writing, whether that’s a novel, short story, or even a blog post, we are in the thick of it. And that’s great because we know that story or post inside and out. But it also provides a limited viewpoint on the material. Hiring an editor or professional reader invites a fresh take on your writing and provides you, the writer, with valuable information: how your reader is going to interpret and react to what you’ve written.

You may have personal experience with the topics you’re writing about, but struggle with how to do so in a way that those without similar experiences can understand.

Or you might be writing about topics you have no personal experience with and you want to be sure that how you’re portraying those topics is realistic and appropriate.

Maybe you are simply looking for someone with shared experiences to help you elevate your writing.

Whichever category fits you best, you want to find the right person to help you accomplish your goals, one who can provide thoughtful, considerate feedback and suggestions, helping you improve while maintaining your own unique voice.