Finding Annie

FINALIST in the IAN Book of the Year Awards for Women’s Fiction

Heartbreaking and redemptive, Annie’s story reveals the strength of her spirit, the healing power of unconditional love, and the potential of unexpected relationships to teach us to accept ourselves.

When Annie returns to the town where she grew up after twelve years, she plans to house-sit for her mother and take a much-needed break from her stressful job and worsening anxiety. But revisiting the past is never straightforward, and she soon discovers that she can no longer run from the things she’s tried so hard to leave behind.

Her ex-boyfriend Rob, the once-love of her life, is still living there, and Annie barely has time to process what seeing him again could mean before another surprising figure appears on her friend and mentor’s doorstep. Suddenly, Annie’s quiet sabbatical has turned into a whirlwind of traumatic memories and new romance, and the responsibility of navigating her PTSD without burdening anyone else in her life threatens to overwhelm her.

But even flawed love can help us to heal in unexpected ways, if we can only learn to accept it. Annie’s journey will keep readers glued to the page, brimming with compassion and rooting for her to find the peace she deserves.

Book one in the Life Imperfect series. Available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats.

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The romantic tension and momentum of Finding Annie is off the charts… I can’t wait for the next book in this series.”

Lauren Sapala, author of The INFJ Revolution and Between the Shadow and Lo

Finding Annie is one of those books that will resonate with you long after it is over, the raw details and emotions expressed creating a deep connection to the characters. I’m now waiting for the next novel in this incredible series.”

Rachael Brooks, author of Beads: A Memoir About Falling Apart and Putting Yourself Back Together Again

“The experience of reading Finding Annie was so much more than I ever expected from a book. Katherine Turner is the debut author of the year; the storyteller this world needs.”

Olivia Castetter, author of Smoke & Mirrors

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