Finding Annie

Heartbreaking and redemptive, Annie’s story reveals the strength of her spirit, the healing power of unconditional love, and the potential of unexpected relationships to teach us to accept ourselves. Read more about this first installment in the Life Imperfect Series.

Willow Wishes

Moving and inspirational, Annie’s struggle to believe in a future filled with promise reveals the fault lines that follow us in the wake of trauma as well as the courage it takes to choose a different path. Read more about the second installment in the life imperfect series.


Un-Earned Series

Two people from enormously different circumstances are thrust together against their will in their high school chemistry class and become unlikely friends. Their friendship becomes a beacon of stability, acceptance, and love for each as their relationship develops. But what happens when they both cross a line and destroy the building blocks of that relationship along with every vestige of trust in one another?

This Fairy Tale Will Self-Destruct

Drew and Nancy, high school sweethearts who had a fairy tale wedding after college, have it all – the perfect relationship, the perfect jobs, the perfect life. That is, until a series of little lies begin to add up and reveal a secret that is as unexpected and shocking as it is devastating. There’s no way to go back to life the way it was before; but will their futures include each other?

In Case of Death

What happens when a frustrated business consultant with an obsession for planning ahead stumbles upon a divorced mother with severe PTSD attempting to commit suicide with a flawed plan for execution? He insists on helping her amend her plan to perfection. Faced with the shortcomings in her plan, she has no choice but to accept the stranger’s offer. However, she never bargained on the bizarre arrangement evolving into a friendship unlike any she’d ever had, and finds herself questioning her resolve to follow through with her newly laid plans.

Mistress Mute

Emma was diagnosed with psychogenic mutism not long after she spoke her last word at the age of thirteen. All she longs to do is leave the small college town where she grew up and never look back. However, her father’s irresponsible spending habits mean the only way she can continue her education after high school is by attending the college where her father is a professor due to her ability to attend for free. But when her teenage nickname follows her into her college classes, her new and unexpected friendship with Cory is the only motivation she has to stay. The only question is will he be willing to stay when he discovers the catalyst for her mutism?

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