Wildflower Promise

A gripping and poignant tale of overcoming our deepest fears and finding joy in unexpected places.

Months after their elopement, Annie and Rob are settling into their new home and married life. It seems they’ve finally left everything that stood between them in the past, but their happily-ever-after is short-lived. When Annie announces she’s pregnant, past issues flare to life, and a disastrous misunderstanding severs their relationship.

As she reels from the end of her marriage, Annie’s friends and family show her she’s never truly alone. Nonetheless, she struggles to find the strength within herself to trust her instincts, compounded by how ill-equipped she feels for motherhood, as she continues to heal from her lifetime of trauma. And when her kind, hardworking ex, Lucas, offers a level of support and comfort she never expected, Annie reconsiders her past romantic decisions.

With her due date rapidly approaching, Annie must learn to trust both others and herself, remembering that sometimes promises bloom in the most unexpected places, and-when kept-these promises can bring unparalleled joy.

Book three in the Life Imperfect series. Available in e-book and paperback. Click here for other books in the Life Imperfect series.


Praise for Life Imperfect Series

A superbly woven story that entertains while it also helps readers make sense of the complicated events of their own lives and past trauma.

Lauren Sapala, author of The INFJ Revolution

Annie’s story swept me away!

Rebekah Mallory, author of Train Gone

Katherine Turner is the author trauma survivors need… she reminds us that love is possible for us and that our imperfections might just be some of our greatest strengths.

Olivia Castetter, author of Me Too: Voicing My Story

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