moments of extraordinary courage

Before he even voiced that he believed me, my body already felt weak with relief from having broken my silence and spoken the words aloud.

All of life is comprised of moments in time. Moments of happiness, of sadness; of fear, of confidence; of pain, of joy. All those past moments collectively tell our stories. All too often, at the heart of those stories—those collections of moments—is a silencing of our authentic selves. Whether we are succumbing to societal pressure to fit in or shamefully hide some aspect of who we are, or we are succumbing to our own fears (rational or not) about what might happen if we step out of the silence, this silencing is a betrayal of our truth and authenticity. 

What happens if we instead make a decision to bring ourselves into the light? What happens if instead of hiding from it, we decide to embrace the necessary vulnerability of speaking our truth while the outcome is unknown and outside of our control? What happens if instead of subjugating our true selves to internal and external pressure to be “normal” by remaining silent, we make a commitment of integrity and loyalty to ourselves and break that silence?  

This book is a collection of stories of when Katherine Turner, a young woman battling against a lifetime of abuse, made the decision to face some of her deepest and longest-held fears, accepted the vulnerability of speaking her truth, and connected with her authentic self in moments of extraordinary courage.

Coming Soon!

Will be available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats. Release date coming soon.

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