Willow Wishes

Moving and inspirational, Annie’s struggle to believe in a future filled with promise reveals the fault lines that follow us in the wake of trauma as well as the courage it takes to choose a different path.

As Annie’s time in her hometown reaches an end, fractures appear in her whirlwind romance with Rob. Though he surprised her on Christmas morning with a house worthy of her dreams, his expectations for Annie to remain in Stockwood and make a home with him are heavy. Annie realizes she isn’t ready to give up the security of the career, house, and life she’s built for herself in the city in exchange for an uncertain future with Rob. When he confronts her about her wavering commitment on the last day of her sabbatical, they fail to find a compromise.

Back in the city, Annie struggles to set boundaries with her demanding and oversolicitous boss and to find the comfort her insular way of life once provided her. The only sliver of joy in her busy, lonely routine comes after she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Lucas, and they fall back into an easy friendship. As they grow closer, Annie wrestles with guilt over the realization that they both still care about each other. Rob—unaware of Lucas’ presence in her life—suddenly reappears, determined to repair his relationship with Annie. All the feelings Annie had attempted to forget suddenly surface, leaving her conflicted and forced to make an impossible decision.

Will Annie allow herself to take a leap of faith—one that demands the loss of familiarity and predictability—or will she retreat once again into the comfort of her well-established cycle of self-sabotage?

Book two in the Life Imperfect series. Available in e-book and paperback. Click here for other books in the Life Imperfect series.


Enthralling and suspenseful! Willow Wishes is a sweep-you-off-your-feet love story with a dangerous edge. A superbly woven narrative that entertains while also helping readers to make sense of the complicated events of their own lives and past trauma.

Lauren Sapala, author of The INFJ Revolution

Willow Wishes, just as Finding Annie before it, illustrates an honest human experience of love and healing from trauma. In a genre where blinding, blissful romance is the norm, Katherine Turner pulls the stars closer and shines their light on reality.

Kayli Baker, editor

Willow Wishes is so much more than a second-chance romance. Yes, it’s a story of second chances and romances, but it is also a story of keeping the faith. For all the lost lovers and the lovers who have lost, Katherine Turner delivers yet again… and it’s breathtaking.

Olivia Castetter, author of Me Too: Voicing My Story

Katherine Turner has done it again with her second fiction novel, Willow Wishes, a gripping page turner that pulls you in until the very end. We revisit the lives of Annie and Rob, navigating the devastations of past trauma and how it continues to impact their present-day relationship. Both feeling they are not worthy of each other’s love, we witness their strength and determination to fight for their beautiful love story. Willow Wishes invokes every emotion, from sadness to anger to relief to happiness, reminding us that trauma does not define who we are but is absolutely a part of who we are. Personally relating to this narrative in countless ways, I believe this book is a must-read for all, and will leave you desperately longing for Katherine’s next installment of her Life Imperfect series.

Rachael Brooks, author of Beads: A Memoir About Falling Apart and Putting Yourself Back Together Again

In the second book of the Imperfect Life Series, Annie and Rob will navigate the ardor of their epic love, while facing disapproving and vicious external forces, and—most relevant of all—the scars of their own personal traumas in their path for healing. Once more, Katherine Turner brings out her honest and moving style. Her characters come to life stripped of all masks, which allows us to have a first-row glimpse into not only their vulnerabilities, but also their immense capacity to love. Their stories are not always a fairy tale, but the beauty of compassion and acceptance will leave you smiling by the end.

Ana Hantt and Josie Baron, authors of the Extraordinary Series and founders of the @30ontheroad project

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