I’m Katherine Turner, author of contemporary romantic women’s fiction and believer in the healing power of love, and I’m glad you’re here.

My novels provide a window into the messy yet beautiful world of real-life imperfection and struggle while showcasing the power of love – in all its myriad forms – to pave the way for self-discovery of inner strength, resilience, and true happiness.

I believe strongly that we can all benefit from deeper insight into and compassion for the long-term effects of trauma in the world around us. The issues and struggles are real for many people and I wish, through my novels and sharing the resources that I’ve found helpful along my own journey to heal from childhood trauma, to capture and shed light on this reality while still providing the escape we are all looking for when we turn to fiction.

Sound like your cup of tea? Take a look around to learn more about who I am, why I’m here, and what gripping tales of love, heartbreak, and, above all, triumph await you.  But be warned:  you may just have your heart torn to shreds (though I promise to reassemble the pieces)!

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