Melissa Morris, author of domestic fiction

Katherine’s expert eye for detail made my work shine. She pushed what I wrote over the finish line from ‘decent’ to ‘published.’ There were countless instances where she seemed to know what I was trying to say even when I struggled to find the words. She guided me in uncovering my own personal story in my prose, infusing my own unique voice with real emotion while making it heartfelt and polished.

“We were very lucky to have Katherine Turner on board in our project. She was the first person to validate our work as writers, and she did it with such kindness, generosity, and wisdom. While working on our manuscript, she helped us with the flow, clarity, and pace of the narrative, and also with the plot holes. As Latinas writing in a second language (our mother language is Portuguese), she also helped us with wording, precision, and natural flow, especially with the dialogue. Some of our characters have issues with anxiety and trauma, and Katherine guided us to express their feelings and symptoms with more clarity. We are in the process of getting the manuscript ready for publishing and we have been counting on the enthusiasm and the full support of Katherine. We are sure our book will be much better because of her!”

Ana Hantt and Josie Baron, authors of women’s fiction and creators of @30ontheroad project

Sanne Vermorgen, author of Scar Tissue

“Katherine Turner read my manuscript when it was still in a raw (and extremely lengthy) form. She’s helped me discover the core story within the background noise, to lift my manuscript to the next level. I was really struggling with the need to make cuts in my story. Every chapter, every scene is my close and dear friend. How could I possibly choose which one to keep and which one to sacrifice? Katherine offered me the tools to come to terms with this difficult decision and I’m eternally grateful for her help and insights. Another indispensable nugget of help I received from Katherine is her honest and wise feedback on the impact of abuse scenes on former victims. Nobody wants to add further trauma on the psyche of abuse survivors, yet it’s also an important issue to write about. A fine line that’s easily crossed if you neglect to ask for advice from someone with the (unfortunately) necessary experience.”

“Katherine Turner’s sensitive help in reading my book was invaluable. She brings an awareness of context and an understanding of character to her work that will propel her to the top in the editing and reading world. Apart from the serious editing/reading work and commentary, the enthusiasm, encouragement and support in every email from her during rewrites, was a major boost.”

Josephine O’Brien, author

Catherine, owner of Peacock + Dahlia Interiors

“Katherine has an impeccable editing style – she somehow finds a way to capture the writer’s authentic voice and turn it into complete GOLD! She has an incredible gift of writing and a command with words that is second to none. Her editing allowed me to find my own writing voice in a way that captures my style beautifully.”