Sensitivity Reading

If you’re writing about topics with which you have no personal experience, you may benefit from hiring a sensitivity reader.

What exactly does a sensitivity reader do?

In a nutshell, a sensitivity reader will read your manuscript and provide notes on any areas within that may not be representative of the specific topic in question. This reader will have personal experience with the topic in order to provide an insider’s perspective on whether the appropriate language or terminology was used, if there were any stereotypes or biases presented unintentionally, and whether the topic itself and the related characters were presented realistically and inoffensively.

Sensitivity reading does not guarantee that your manuscript will be free of everything any reader could take issue with or potentially find offensive; it is a method of minimizing the likelihood of that occurring related to the specific topics in which the reader has experience.

What I offer

I have experience with and will provide sensitivity reading for the topics below.

  • Trauma-related mental illnesses (Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD))
  • Complex PTSD (C-PTSD)
  • Child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape
  • Neglect, abandonment, physical abuse
  • Adult Children Of Alcoholics (ACOA), parental substance abuse
  • Self-harm

I do not read anything categorized as horror, thriller, or psychological suspense or anything that glorifies or romanticizes violence or abuse.

Before Submitting

All manuscripts must be completed, edited, and free of major grammatical or formatting errors. I prefer .docx file formats, but will also accept Google Drive or .pdf formats.

Remember this is not a guarantee that your manuscript will be completely free of all material that may offend every potential reader.


Up to 5,000 words$50
5,000-10,000 words$75
10,000-25,000 words$100
25,000-50,000 words$150
>50,0000 words$.006/word

Contact me today to discuss your reading needs and timing.